Hidden away in The Seas at Epcot is Coral Reef, a unique table-service dining location that features a panoramic window of the over 4,000 sea creatures. Coral Reef is home to many iconic meals like their Crab Cakes and the Pan-Seared Verlasso Salmon. But that’s not all, Coral Reef is well-known to many guests for their exquisite desserts.


The Chocolate Wave is one of this delicious delicacies. This chocolate lava cake has just the right amount of bitterness and sweetness that play beautifully together. The chocolate cake is served over a raspberry purée and topped with powdered sugar.


The Chocolate Wave is then complete with raspberry cream (raspberry ice cream) and beautiful chocolate curls. Each element has a role in this dessert. The raspberry ice cream adds a light freshness that compliments the decadent chocolate cake.


If you’re looking for a wonderful dessert to finish off your meal at Coral Reef, grab one of The Chocolate Waves and indulge!

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