Beverly Sunset Sweet Spells is well-known for the iconic Carrot Cake Cookie. But what you might not know is that it’s also home to a lineup of tasty Whoopie Pies. The towering treats are covered in cream and loaded with flavor.


One of those tasty treats is the Oreo Whoopie Pie. The layered goodie is made from a bottom layer of soft and decadent chocolate cake. It is topped with a generous helping of Oreo whipped cream, repeated, covered in melted chocolate and finished with an Oreo cookie!


While these might not be the perfect walking snack, they are the perfect treat to cure any sweet tooth. Each bite into the Oreo Whoopie Pie has the iconic Oreo flavors, while the whipped cream has a slight hint toward The Grey Stuff.


Be sure to stop on by at Beverly Sunset Sweet Spells to see what delicious fresh treats they have available!

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