Try The Grey Stuff!

Try the Grey Stuff – it’s delicious!


The all-new Beauty and the Beast movie comes out today and what better way to celebrate than a dish right from the Beast’s Castle! Inside of Be Our Guest you will find wonderful bites from french onion soup to chocolate-orange éclairs and cupcakes. But when dining in the Beast’s Castle why not try the Grey Stuff – we’ve all heard it’s delicious!

And it is!


This chocolate cookie is topped with smooth and creamy grey stuff. Chocolate, cookies, and layers of decadent flavors combine to make one magical dessert. Are you looking to celebrate the all-new movie with a few Be Our Guest recipes? Add some of Mrs. Potts’ fabulous French Onion Soup and a dessert of Grey Stuff to your dinner!

Do you love Disney food and all things Mickey-shaped?

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