When it comes to dining at Disney Springs, your options are seemingly endless. And let’s face it, you’ll end up needing some fuel while exploring all of the wonderful shops! Morimoto Asia Street Food is a great way to enjoy some unique flavors from Morimoto Asia, without needing a reservation.


The counter serves a selection of to-go offerings and beverages. One of the specials guests can find on the menu at Morimoto Asia Street Food are the Menchi Katsu Sliders.


This tasty offering comes with two of Chef Morimoto’s award-winning fried hamburger sliders. The fried hamburgers are topped with a kimchi mayo with japanese barbecue sauce and green papaya slaw all encased in a soft, grilled sesame seed bun.


The hamburger is surrounded with a crunchy shell from the frying process that compliments the soft bun. Each bite has a sweet but slightly spicy kick that will leave you craving more! Add on a refreshing Organic Popping Boba Green Tea for one filling and inexpensive meal at Disney Springs!


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