When it comes to seafood at Epcot there’s one wonderful location that often goes overlooked. Nestled in the back of The Seas pavilion in Future World at Epcot sits Coral Reef. The restaurant features floor to ceiling views of the breathtaking aquarium.


On the menu is a fresh Seafood Scampi. This spectacular plate starts with a helping of pasta that is topped with Prince Edward Island Mussels, Sea Scallops, and Shrimp with diced tomatoes covered in scampi butter.


From the menu you may expect a small helping of each item, but this large meal has no shortage of seafood! The fresh and delicious trio of seafood are all complimented with the scampi butter.


The fresh diced tomatoes add a light balance to the dish rounding it all out. This is one delicious meal for the seafood lovers out there! If you’re craving seafood, head on over to Coral Reef to grab an order of this Seafood Scampi.

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