Homecomin’ is no stranger to fried chicken and turning the crispy and delicious fried chicken into tasty sandwiches. Guests looking for an inexpensive and mouth-watering meal should check out Homecomin’ for this wonderful dish!


From the Buns & Such section of the menu comes the Fried Chicken Sandwich. In typical Homecomin’ fashion, the chicken is buttermilk-brined for 24 hours before it is double-battered and fried to a juicy and crispy perfection. The sandwich is then topped with hot sauce aioli, iceberg lettuce, tomato and bread and butter pickles. This wonderful meal is made complete with a large helping of house-made barbecue chips that are drizzled with icebox dressing!


Each bite into the sandwich combines a beautiful blend of flavor from the tender and juicy chicken to the crispy shell and soft bun. The house-made pickles and hot sauce aioli add extra depth to each bite and take you on a flavorful journey!

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