Trattoria al Forno is the perfect place to start the day with a delightful breakfast with some familiar faces. The Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast is a prix-fixe meal that boasts a wonderful menu starting with fresh pastries followed by an entrée of your choice. Guests dining at Trattoria al Forno during the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast receive a warm welcome from Ariel and Prince Eric, as well as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.


On the menu, guests will find Pascal’s Palette – a fresh and light option that will leave you full and happy. The platter consists of a main focus, Greek yogurt with honey and house-made granola.


The plate is then covered with fresh, seasonal fruit. Do not let the pictures fool you, this is a large meal! The house-made granola adds the perfect amount of crunch to the Greek yogurt, while the honey adds a beautiful sweetness to complete each bite.


Reservations for the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast are required at Trattoria al Forno, and can be made here! Be sure to check back later for more delicious offerings available at this exciting breakfast!

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