Recently, we visited the all-new local Florida restaurant, Humbl – located in Windermere Village. This location boasts a full plant based menu featuring pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads, bowls, and more! Humbl also offers gluten free options for each menu item.


On the menu at Humbl is the Humbl Margarita. This fresh pizza has a wonderful blend of flavors that come together for one perfect bite. The Artisan Neopolitan crust is airy with a crunchy base and a soft center.


The crust is topped with marinara, cashew mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil. Each bite into this pie is an experience. The crunch from the slightly charred crust counters the smooth and delicate cheese. Meanwhile, the fresh flavors from the basil, cashew mozzarella, and marinara sauce come together to create one harmonious bite.


Without being told, guests would never know that this is a plant based pizza. Each ingredient and element has a role to create this masterpiece, and the end result is one delicious pizza you will want to come back for again!

Humbl is a brand new eatery in Central Florida that is brought to life with Chef Matthew Kenney. Chef Kenney is a renowned plant based celebrity chef, two time James Beard Award Nominee, best selling cookbook author, and more. If you find yourself in the Orlando area, head on out to Humbl for one delightful plant based meal!


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