One of the new dining locations at Disney Springs is Frontera Cocina. This lively authentic Mexican restaurant serves delicious meals from eight-time James Beard Award Winner Chef Rick Bayless’ menu. The large menu allows for some unique dining options while remaining budget-friendly!


From the Tacos and Tortas section of the menu comes the tasty Carne Asada. The grilled marinated steak is tender and juicy making the perfect taco base. Served with fresh soft corn tortillas, this delicious meal is bound to leave you full.


Frontera Cocina serves their taco entrées with plenty of toppings allowing you to make the tacos however you want. The Carne Asada meal is served with poblano rajas, black beans refritos  with queso fresco, salsa verde and guacamole.


Each bite from the juicy and flavorful steak might just have you forgetting that you’re not in a steakhouse. If you’re craving some tacos at Disney Springs, Frontera Cocina is the place to be!

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