We love seeing those delicious dishes you all share with us. Today we are taking to Instagram and highlighting some of those amazing #SnackSquad pictures that you’ve shared!

We obviously have to start with something Mickey-shaped. (They always taste better!!)

Mickey Pretzel!!! 😍 my favorite Disney snack! With cheese of course! 🙌 What is your favorite snack at Disney??

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Is any trip to Disney truly complete without a Mickey Bar?

Oh Mickey you’re so fine!

How can you resist this cotton candy?!

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The perfect snack on Main Street!

We get excited when we see these yellow boxes of deliciousness!

Secret menu anyone?

And we have to end with some creativity, the half & half funnel cake!

Make sure you head on over and share your pictures with us by tagging us @kingdomcuisine along with #SnackSquad.

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