No dinner is complete without dessert! Mama Melrose’s serves several delicious desserts making it tough to decide. From a house-made Cannoli to a Ghirardelli Chocolate and Cherry Tort there are many wonderful options. For those struggling to pick, rest assured there is a perfect option for you!


The dessert sampler features miniature versions of Mama’s favorite desserts. Indulge in a Lemon Cheesecake topped with fabulous Passion Fruit Pearls, a creamy Tiramisù, and a Valencia Blood Orange Cake. Each dessert seems tough to beat, until you try the next making you question which part of this sampler is your favorite.

Every element blends together making each dessert vanish from your plate quickly. So as you are finishing your meal at Mama Melrose’s be sure to check out the delicious Dessert Sampler!

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