Disney’s Animal Kingdom is known for its delicious and unique snacks. From orange boxes full of Chicken Fried Rice, to the iconic Pulled Pork French Fries, the park is full of tasty snacks and treats. What makes these snacks even better is their portability, allowing guests to grab a snack and continue their trek further into the park.


One of those unique snacks is the Grilled Corn from the Harambe Fruit Market. The area surrounding the fruit market smells wonderful as the grill continues to produce more of the fresh corn.


Each ear of corn is flame-grilled providing a base layer of flavor that is built upon with melted butter and market curry spice. Each bite from the corn on the cob pops with a blend of flavors that compliment each other in a harmonious bite.


If you find yourself craving a fresh and flavorful snack while in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, trek on over to the Harambe Fruit Market for an order of Grilled Corn!

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