Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a great place to go for something to eat. While the park features a few counter service and table service locations, guests can stop by one of the many lounges for a quick bite and a drink in a unique setting. From the Brown Derby Lounge, to Tune In Lounge, there is a different experience for every guest.


At Baseline Tap House, guests can spoil themselves with a Bavarian Pretzel that is a pretzel from your dreams. The large pretzel has a semi-hard shell surrounding a soft and airy center. Each bite from this pretzel is salty, savory, and pairs beautifully with the two dipping sauce options.


The two sauces are a beer-cheese fondue and a spicy mustard. The beer-cheese fondue has a unique flavor profile that is reminiscent of a sweet nacho cheese sauce. The cheese coats the pretzel perfectly and adds a wonderful sweetness to the salty and savory pretzel.


Meanwhile, the spicy mustard has a completely different experience. It is exactly as it is named, spicy. Each bite of pretzel dipped into the spicy mustard comes with a backend heat that compliments the previous bite from the sweet cheese sauce.

The Bavarian Pretzel from Baseline Tap House is a complete experience. The pretzel is large enough for a meal for one, or a perfect snack to share (although you might find that hard to do!).

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