Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs has been making a big movement since its opening. From chicken tenders and skewers to salads and loaded fries to sandwiches and milkshakes, guests have dozens of unique flavor combinations.

One of the most popular options at Chicken Guy! are the Crispy Fried Chicken Tenders. The reasonably-priced entrée comes with your choice of any two signature sauces, read about our favorite sauces here!


The tenders are fresh and flavorful with a well-seasoned breading that will leave you craving more. Crispy Fried is also absolutely true about these chicken tenders as they boast a golden, crispy shell that crunches with each bite.


Guests interested in the three tenders can also order this as a combo that includes three (3) tenders – crispy fried or grilled – fries and a fountain beverage (guests can also choose any sandwich in place of the three tenders). The KC Team loves to pair our chicken tenders from Chicken Guy! with Special Sauce and Chipotle Ranch – two of the 20+ Signature Sauces from Chicken Guy!

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