When spending a day at Disney Springs you’re going to need some fuel as you explore the over 100 shops. Whether you’re looking for something quick, or a full sit-down dinner, you’re certainly covered with plenty of options. One of those new options is Chicken Guy! – located in the outskirts of the Town Center area of Disney Springs.


On the menu at Chicken Guy! guests will find Loaded Fries. While this may be considered a “side dish” it is certainly enough for a full meal! This “side dish” is a very budget-friendly option for guests visiting the Walt Disney World Resort on a budget.


The large bowl of signature seasoned fries (crispy fries covered in Old Bay® Seasoning, salt) are smothered in super melty cheese, chopped chicken (we opt for the crispy fried chicken instead of grilled), bacon and green onions.


Each bite into this bowl of deliciousness will leave you craving more. Every element to the dish plays a big role in the overall flavor composition. The seasoning on the fries adds a slight kick while the melty cheese cools it off in a beautiful balance.

For the perfect finishing touch we suggest adding on a signature sauce. The KC team recommendations for sauce additions include the #1 or #3 (Special Sauce or Chipotle Ranch, respectively), but any of the 20+ sauces will take this wonderful meal to a whole new level!


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