We’ve talked about the luxurious dining at STK Orlando before, and today we are headed back for a sweet treat! This VIP dining experience is nestled in The Landing district of Disney Springs and boasts a unique environment. The thrilling nightlife-focused dining is perfect for guests wanting to dine like an A-list celeb.


One of the many fabulous desserts from STK Orlando is the Caramelito Bar. The menu and online descriptions may be vague, but this decadent dessert is everything a chocolate lover dreams of. This beautifully layered treat combines rich and dense dark chocolate with creamy and light marshmallow for the perfect bite.


The base layer is a dense ganache-like chocolate providing the perfect base to the dish. Above this chocolate you will find cocoa nib marshmallow, chocolate Bavarian and chocolate mousse. The dessert is then topped with a decorative chocolate piece featuring STK’s logo.


Each bite into this dish will have your mouth watering. Every layer and element pair perfectly, from the thick chocolate to the soft and light marshmallow. The Caramelito Bar is one wonderful way to end your meal at STK Orlando. This is also a large dessert, in typical STK fashion, and makes the perfect dessert for sharing (or not sharing!)!

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