We all want to dine like VIP in an exciting restaurant. And you can! STK Orlando is one exquisite dining location at Disney Springs with a menu featuring small bites with big flavor, to the ultimate brunch.


On the menu at STK guests will be drawn to the STK section of the menu – STK for steak. One of the mouth-watering options from this section is the Cowgirl Rib Eye. This divine steak is tender, juicy and melts right in your mouth. The beautiful char on the outer layer of the steak adds a whole extra layer of flavor to each bite.


When this steak is delivered to the table, either pre-sliced or whole, your mouth will drop right to the floor as you begin to dig in! Pictured in this Cowgirl Rib Eye is a side of asparagus that is beautifully grilled and seasoned.


(Sides are available however they are not included with the steak, additional cost will apply)

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