Whether you have been to a Disney Park or not, you most likely know about the famous Dole Whip. This beautiful creation of melted gold was created for the Disneyland Park in 1986 by the Dole Food Company. Dole Whip is a fruit-based soft-serve with its original pineapple flavor being the most popular.


Since its creation, the Dole Whip has taken on multiple personas with unique flavor combinations. Flavors range from classic fruits like strawberry, mango, raspberry, cherry, lemon, and lime to exotic flavors including pistachio. Each creative soft-serve option captures the attention of fans on the hunt to try them all!


The Kakamora Float starts with a beautifully smooth coconut soft-serve that is surrounded by pineapple juice with blue curaçao syrup. This picture-perfect float is topped off with a chocolate Kakamora Cake Pop. That’s right – this float is two desserts in one!

By itself, the coconut soft-serve has a mild coconut flavor, where it is milky, sweet, and refreshing! Combined with the crisp pineapple juice, the soft-serve takes on a piña colada-esque flavor profile. This is not as sweet has your typical Dole Whip as it has a slight bitterness from the coconut soft-serve.


What truly makes the Kakamora Float shine like the Heart of Te Fiti is its unique color profile. The ombré treat is bright and colorful with shades of blue, green and yellow backed by a bright white soft-serve.

Whether you’re a traditional Dole Whip fan or not, keep your eye out when passing by Aloha Isle and Sunshine Tree Terrace for unique flavors like this. You never know what will show up at these popular locations next!

How far will you go for a Dole Whip? Does the line where the pineapple juice meets the Dole Whip call you?

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