Local Floridians all know about Winter Garden. This quaint and captivating town is nestled just a short drive north of Magic Kingdom. From small boutique shops, to exquisite dining spots for a date night down town, Winter Garden will enchant you with its small town vibe with big city amenities.


One local coffee shop, Axum Coffee, is the go-to spot for many locals and visitors. On the menu at Axum you will find the Cinnabee. An espresso-based drink containing honey, cinnamon syrup, milk, and a think layer of foam.


This rich and smooth coffee is the perfect pick me up while exploring the shops, sights, and entertainment lining Plant Street. While the honey adds a beautifully sweet hint to each sip, cinnamon adds a touch of spice to the mix for one balanced sip.


If you’re looking for something to do on a non-park day during your next visit to Central Florida, head on over to Winter Garden for a coffee, cupcake, and a whole day full of fun!

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