Sanaa is the place to go at Walt Disney World for a dining experience you will never forget. From its wonderful view of the savanna, to the delicious food, Sanaa is the go-to restaurant for many Disney fans. While Sanaa is known for its bread service and paneer cheese soup, Sanaa goes the distance with flavor-packed desserts that end your meal perfectly.


One of the delicious desserts guests can find at Sanaa is the Serradura. Serradura is also known to as Sawdust Pudding, referring to the biscuit crumbs in the dessert resembling sawdust. Sanaa’s take on Serradura starts with a smooth butterscotch pudding with almond coffee streusel, pineapple, mango, with Breton shortbread.


This tasty treat has a beautiful blend of flavors that come together to create the perfect dessert. While you may go into dessert at Sanaa looking to share a dessert, you might just want to order your own Serradura – especially since calories don’t count at Disney!


Reservations are recommended for Sanaa and can be made in advance here! Take a look around this gorgeous dining location and see what else can be found at Sanaa here!

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