Forest Mushroom Pizza


We all get a craving for pizza, even while enjoying a magical vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort. When that craving hits, guests have a large variety of options. From a classic personal pizza to a build-your-own pizza, there is a pizza for everyone at Disney!


At Pizza Ponte, guests can indulge in Italian classics from sandwiches and pastries to Sicilian-style pizza by the slice. One of those pizzas served by the slice is the Forest Mushroom Pizza.


The Forest Mushroom Pizza starts with a slightly risen crust that has a beautiful color underneath and on top. Above the crust you with find a wonderful blend of cheeses and a large helping of sliced mushrooms that are evenly distributed.


Each bite from this slice has a wonderful crunch from the crust while the melted cheese and warm mushrooms add layers of flavor that are well balanced and satisfying.

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