You just booked your magical trip on the Disney Cruise Line, and now it is time to download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App! Disney recently gave the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App an update and here is everything you need to know before you head off on your next adventure with the Disney Cruise Line!

Photo Courtesy Disney Cruise Line

The first thing to note about the Navigator App is that the app is separated into two parts: At HomeBefore Setting Sail, and On Board The ShipDuring Your Cruise. Before setting sail, guests can view their reservation details, make payments, view and modify their stateroom, and view deck plans. Additionally, guests can speed up the check-in process at the port with online check-in (similar to online check-in at Walt Disney World Resorts).

Guests can also add extra magic to their Disney Cruise before setting sail by adding adult dining, modify dining seatings, add special requests, book port adventures, and make spa reservations.

Once on board the ship, guests can stay connected with friends, family, and shipmates with the built-in chat. Guests can also quickly access daily activities including dining options and menus, entertainment schedules, booked activities, and a day-to-day itinerary.

For even more details about the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App, click here!

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