There are an overwhelming amount of dining locations for guests looking for a lovely meal at Epcot. From a lively Oktoberfest, to an elegant meal in Le Cellier, there are a variety of options that fit every need. One of the many dining locations is Chefs de France, where guests can indulge in traditional French cuisine inside of a breathtaking restaurant.


When it comes to dessert, Chefs de France does not disappoint. One of the decadent desserts at Chefs de France is the Vanilla Crème Brûlée. From the first bite, this wonderful treat will leave you speechless from the sweet and smooth custard to the crunchy outer shell.


While you may enter Chefs de France with intentions to share dessert, you might not want to share after seeing this indulgent treat land on your table. From the fresh cream and berries, to the warm and flavorful custard, this Vanilla Crème Brûlée is the perfect way to end your meal at Chefs de France.


Reservations at Chefs de France are highly recommended. To make a reservation at Chefs de France, click here!

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