We recently went on a snack mission at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. During this excursion we indulged in some iconic Animal Kingdom bites along with some new. Today, we want to talk about one that has been around for a while, but often remains relatively unknown.

At Flame Tree Barbecue, guests can devour a mound of Pulled Pork French Fries. These crispy fries are topped with a generous portion of tender and juicy pulled pork that melts right in your mouth.


The fries are then covered in cheese sauce and a drizzle of barbecue sauce before they are garnished with diced jalapeños. Each fry is loaded with toppings, making for one filling snack.


From the crispy fries to the soft and juicy pork, each bite is packed with smoky and sweet flavor. While this is technically a “side” or “snack” at Flame Tree Barbecue, it can easily be a full meal for one.


The Pulled Pork French Fries can be found at Flame Tree Barbecue, located on Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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