Beaches & Cream Soda Shop is a slightly unknown dining location at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, and it boasts some tasty ice cream that makes for one magical experience. The old-fashioned soda fountain also features American grill favorites with the nostalgic atmosphere of the Atlantic seashore and boardwalk-style restaurant.


On the dessert menu guests will find the Brownie À la Mode. The towering ice cream sundae is enough for two – although you might not want to share! The sundae is made from a large and soft brownie that is topped with hot fudge, a large scoop of ice cream (your choice of ice cream, we went with mint chocolate chip!), whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and a cherry!


Every element to this sundae has its place making for one memorable moment. Can’t score a dining reservation at Beaches & Cream? No worries! Guests can order almost every ice cream option from Beaches & Cream to go from the side. Simply grab a seat outside and enjoy your day with a massive sundae!


Beaches & Cream is also known for the Classic Banana Split, which is the perfect option for those looking to share!

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