When spending the morning at Disney’s Hollywood Studios you might find yourself craving something tasty to eat. Woody’s Lunch Box (located in the all-new Toy Story Land) is the perfect pick for any meal of the day, but the breakfast menu carries its most popular dish.


On the breakfast menu guests will find the S’more French Toast Sandwich. Pictured is the kids’ meal option of the S’more French Toast Sandwich – which is a full meal for even an adult!


The kids’ meal option comes with a half sandwich that is made from grilled custard soaked brioche bread surrounding marshmallow and chocolate ganache and coated in graham cracker crumbs. This kids’ meal also includes a Cuties® mandarin and potato barrels with your choice of beverage.


Each bite into the sweet sandwich will make you feel as though you are sitting around a campfire with its gooey marshmallow and smooth chocolate. And after your first bite you might not want to set it down! (Adults may also purchase a full sandwich option of the S’more French Toast Sandwich)

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