Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe often goes overlooked when it comes to quick-service dining at Magic Kingdom. The restaurant features a tex-mex styled menu with everything from burgers, tacos and wraps to nachos and much more. With an extensive menu there really is something for everyone in the family.


On the menu guests will find the Beef Nachos (pictured is the adult entrée, this is also available as a Kids’ Meal – which is served with GoGo squeeZ® Applesauce, carrots and a choice of 1% Mickey Milk, small Dasani water or 100% apple juice). This entrée is a surprisingly filling meal for one and is topped with all of the traditional toppings.


The tortilla chips are topped with queso, seasoned ground beef, lettuce and tomato. These classic toppings are all there for a reason and make this dish one tasty meal.


If you’re exploring Frontierland and looking for something to sink your teeth into, head on over to Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe!

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