Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ is home to some appetizing meals. From the iconic fried chicken to the fresh biscuits, guests at Homecomin’ will find a world of southern comfort food. Of course, the delectable dishes are paired with the restaurant’s classic southern hospitality for the cherry on top.


On the lunch and dinner menu guests will find the HFK Barbecue Bun. This mouthwatering sweet and spicy chopped pork barbecue sandwich will leave you speechless.


The chopped pork barbecue is heavily layered on the bottom of the bun and topped with a lovely southern slaw. Each bite into the juicy HFK Barbecue Bun plays a wonderful harmony between the sweet and spicy barbecue sauce and the refreshing slaw.


Guests can find the HFK Barbecue Bun on the lunch and dinner menu at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’. This is one large and budget-friendly meal as the HFK Barbecue Bun is served with house-made barbecue chips drizzled with icebox dressing.

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