Blaze Pizza is one popular location. From the freshly made pizza to the location, guests are enchanted from start to finish. If you haven’t been to Blaze Pizza yet, here’s what it’s like: Guests can order a pizza from the menu and add or subtract any items from the signature pizza, OR they can make one from scratch (and you can add as many toppings as your heart desires – all for the same price!).

But when it comes to cooling off at Disney Springs, one place comes to mind – Blaze Pizza! The house-made signature drinks are cold, refreshing, and each have a unique flavor.


One of the newest flavors is the Passion Fruit Agua Fresca. The fruity summertime drink has a lemonade-type feel while drinking it. The only bad thing is you might run out quickly!

This flavor fits perfectly at the Disney Springs location along with the iconic Blood Orange Lemonade. What’s your favorite drink from Blaze Pizza? Let us know in the comments!

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