Disney’s Animal Kingdom is filled with a number of unique treats, and many of them are little hidden gems. Inside of Zuri’s Sweets Shop guests will find Miss Zuri’s signature confections – with a lovely hint to the park. From healthy snacks to decadent desserts, guests will find over 80 lovely options to choose from!


On the menu at Zuri’s Sweets Shop guests will find Animal Cookies – and our favorite, the Elephant Cookie! There are a number of animals to choose from, like tigers, flamingoes and many more.


The soft and delicious sugar cookie is topped with a nice layer of icing and decorations. These are filling cookies that make for one nice snack while exploring the park!


Next time you find yourself craving a treat in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, make your way to Zuri’s Sweets Shop to try one of the signature treats!

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