The newly refurbished Ale & Compass Restaurant and Lounge have brought some new offerings to the table. From the iconic lobster roll and clambake, to the steaks and desserts, this nautical-themed eatery is perfect for any meal.


On the breakfast menu guests will find the Breakfast Protein Bowl. This massive, healthier meal is filled with unique flavors. The bowl can be made with either a tofu scramble or eggs (we chose to go with the eggs during our recent visit).


After choosing between eggs or tofu, the bowl is then filled with quinoa, sweet potatoes, chard and kale, vegan sausage, chocolate-avocado toast and a carrot-ginger dressing. Talk about a lot of food!


The quinoa contains a hint of spice thanks to some peppers and red onion, while the fruit slaw-type topping cools each bite. Each different item plays a big role to the bowl with a wonderful blend of flavor.

The chocolate-avocado toast is probably everything you will want to eat from now on. It has a Nutella-type taste however the chocolate shines through.


Layered over a freshly toasted slice of multigrain bread and you have yourself the perfect breakfast companion!

Have you visited Ale & Compass since the refurbishment?? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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