The Walt Disney World Resort is home to several fabulous steakhouses. One of those locations is at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. This exquisite New England-style steakhouse serves premium steaks alongside fresh seafood and much more!


From the dessert menu comes the Admiral’s Cake. This decadent and rich chocolate cake is served in style and packs a world of flavor. Each bite combines the soft and airy chocolate cake with the creamy layers of chocolate mousse that blend beautifully.


Garnished with fresh raspberries, chocolate (beautifully coated in gold leaf), and a scoop of refreshing vanilla ice cream. Every element pairs perfectly on this dessert down to the last crumb.


This is one very large dessert making it perfect for sharing – but you might find yourself unwilling to share after your first bite!

The presentation, reminiscent of a ship’s sail, adds to this dessert to make it even more magical. So be sure to snap a few pics to share with your friends! (They’re going to be SO jealous!!)


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