Disney Springs is one popular spot at the Walt Disney World Resort, and has quickly become the theme park for food. With that in mind, Disney Springs has also become the hot-spot for locating trendy treats. Whether you’re looking for vegan and dairy free ice cream to a cupcake from an ATM, or a trio of unique sausages, you’ll be able to find it at Disney Springs!


We headed to AristoCrêpes to get our hands on one of those trendy and tasty treats from Disney Springs. This Salted Caramel Bubble Waffle is one massive snack, so you better come hungry! The light and airy bubble waffle (bubble waffles are made using a unique waffle maker giving them a one-of-a-kind look) is filled to the brim with rich and creamy chocolate ice cream.


And here come the toppings. The waffle and ice cream are then covered in whipped cream before it’s covered in caramel sauce with chocolate-covered pretzels and crispy pearls (if you’re looking to find crispy pearls in additional flavors, be sure to stop by The Ganachery).

Each bite into this rich and decadent dessert combines a whirlwind of flavor. The chocolate ice cream blends perfectly with the layers of toppings all complimenting the delicious bubble waffle that holds it all together!


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