We all love our Disney food, and it always tastes better when it’s Mickey-shaped! We took to Instagram for today’s post and have delivered some of your Delicious Disney Dishes for you today! So let’s get to it!!

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How could you not love a Mickey Pretzel?!

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This seasonal Orange Slushy from Disneyland is so eye-catching!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this picture-perfect ice cream cone?! 🍦

Food and Wine is here and guests are loving this Handwich!

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Mickey-shaped food is the best food!

Friends that snack together, stay together!

Did you get your hands on the new Orange Bird Funko Pop?!

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Churro + Popcorn = GOLD! 🍿

We love seeing your delicious Disney food pictures, so be sure to share them with us and don’t forget to tag us to end up on the next round-up!