Today we are taking a trip to the Italy pavilion at Epcot for the perfectly-refreshing pick-me-up in the World Showcase! Guests can enjoy tasty gelato and gelato sandwiches from Gelati – a sign-less kiosk that many guests walk right past. There are plenty of options for any time of the day with a large menu ranging from just a scoop of gelato to Tiramisù and Cannoli Cupcakes.


The menu also features one unique and delicious treat – Espresso Gelato Affogato. Fresh and hot Italian espresso is poured over Fior Di Latte gelato and is topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean and crispy cookies (to look like Mickey of course!). Each bite into the creamy gelato you get a smooth taste from the espresso, and while the gelato slowly melts into the espresso you end with a cappuccino-like drink that is rich and out-of-this-world (showcase!).


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