Located by the water in the World Showcase is La Cantina de San Angel, one delicious counter service dining location. At La Cantina de San Angel, guests can dine on flavorful Mexican dishes right by the water. With a menu featuring anything from mouth-watering tacos, to empanadas, churros, margaritas and so much more!


One of the most iconic plates from La Cantina de San Angel is the Nachos. These pictures do not do the order justice, this large platter of nachos starts with crispy and salty tortilla chips topped with seasoned ground beef that packs a delicious kick. The nachos are finished with warm nacho cheese, fresh tomatoes, sliced jalapeños, beans and sour cream.


The large portion is perfect for sharing with a group as a snack or one filling meal! Grab yourself a refreshing margarita or a signature Mexican soda to top off your meal at La Cantina de San Angel.


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