Mickey Caramel Apple

With Fall quickly approaching, one thing many people are looking forward to is a delicious caramel apple. You can easily transform these standard caramel apples into Mickey Caramel Apples that you can find at Disney parks, resorts and cruises with this simple recipe!

Adjust recipe to fit the amount of apples you wish to make, this recipe is for one Mickey Caramel Apple.


1 Granny Smith apple

Caramel candies (preferably Wether’s)

2 marshmallows

Milk chocolate pieces

White chocolate pieces

Red sugar

2 yellow jelly beans

1 wooden dowel

Mickey Caramel Apple


  1. Firmly hammer wooden dowel into Granny Smith apple.

  2. In a large heat safe pot, melt caramel candies until soft and liquid.

  3. Dip apple into melted caramel. Let harden overnight.

  4. Take marshmallows and trip one of the sides with a sharp knife to create a flat surface on the marshmallows. Place the marshmallows on top of the apple to form Mickey’s ears.

  5. In a heat safe pot, melt chocolate pieces until chocolate is soft. Dip hardened caramel apple into melted chocolate. Shake off excess chocolate. Allow to set for several minutes until chocolate shell has hardened.

  6. Melt white chocolate pieces until soft and dip the apple into the white chocolate, only covering the bottom half of the apple in white chocolate. Shake off excess chocolate.

  7. Roll white chalet section in red sugar, please two yellow jelly beans to form Mickey’s pant buttons. Let the apple sit for 10-15 minutes.

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