Fulton's Crab House
Fulton’s Crab House

When you are walking through Disney Springs, one iconic restaurant will catch your eye, this is Fulton’s Crab House. This is a two credit Disney Dining Plan option. Today, we are talking about one of the interesting appetizers, lobster corn dogs!

Fulton's Lobster Corn Dogs
Fulton’s Lobster Corn Dogs

You read that correctly, lobster corn dogs! Served with salsa verde and a sweet chili aioli. These are not your typical corn dog, they are lightly fried in a very unique batter. One of the great things about these is the fact that you get a lot of lobster meat inside of one of these. The breading is very thin, flaky, crunchy but very tasty. The lobster meat inside is phenomenal. We really enjoy dipping these into the chili aioli, this adds some unique heat to the corn dog that is indescribable.

Next time you are looking for a great and unique seafood dish we highly suggest you head to Disney Springs and give these lobster corn dogs a try!

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