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We reached out to the blogger and Instagrammer minglingwithmickey to find out what her favorite Disney snacks are!

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Corn Dog Nuggets

Casey’s Corner is the place to go when you’re looking for a snack (or meal!) while walking down Main Street, U.S.A. “One of my favorite things to do is get some corn dog nuggets and a Sprite and sit on the hub grass while people watching or waiting for the Kiss Goodnight.”

Carrot Cake Cookie

The carrot cake cookie is an incredibly popular treat from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Two soft and delicious carrot cake cookies held together with a thick layer of cream cheese frosting. “Many people love to have one while walking around Hollywood Studios, I love to bring mine home and throw it in the fridge overnight. Cold carrot cake cookies are the only way I ever want to eat carrot cake cookies. The cake firms up a bit more so it doesn’t crumble everywhere, and I love cold icing!”

Karamell-Küche Mickey Krispie

This krispie is similar to the standard Mickey Krispie found throughout Disney parks and resorts, but gets a lovely drizzle of Werther’s Caramel. This adds a fresh salty-sweet taste to the already delicious treat!


Popcorn Buckets are a great choice when you are staying at Disney. Purchase a bucket and get refills for under $2! You can also get refills with flavored popcorn that can be found throughout Epcot and Magic Kingdom.

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Snack Squad

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