Dom Hunt – disney_dom

We recently reached out to the energetic Instagrammer and photographer Dom Hunt – also known as disney_dom – to find out what his favorite Disney snacks are!

You may be wondering what the Snack Squad is, so be sure to click here to read more!

photos by disney_dom

Mickey Pretzel

“Something about a Mickey Pretzel just brings nothing but a smile to my face.” These delicious, quick, and easy to find Mickey-shaped snacks are tough to beat. Add on a dipping sauce, either classic cheese sauce OR chocolate sauce, and you’re set for a delicious and filling snack!

photos by disney_dom

Caramel Apples

The caramel apples are a second favorite snack for Disney Dom. Rolled in crushed nuts these salty & sweet snacks are another iconic Disney snack that can easily be found.

photos by disney_dom

Do you love Disney food and all things Mickey-shaped?

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Snack Squad

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