Sanaa, located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village, is home to some delicious meals. Guests can take in breathtaking views of the savanna from the dining room while indulging in meals ranging from a wonderful bread service that can be a complete meal for two, to magnificent entrées and more.


On the dessert menu at Sanaa, guests will find the African Triple Chocolate Mousse. This layered dessert is made from of Manjari 64% dark chocolate of Madagascar, Jivara milk chocolate, Ivoire white chocolate, chocolate biscuit and fresh strawberries.


With each bite from this layered dessert comes a wonderful world of flavor. The rich, bitter dark chocolate pairs beautifully with the creamy and smooth white chocolate while the milk chocolate balances each bite beautifully. This is a rich dessert, and the fresh strawberries add a wonderful, bright element that brings the layers of mousse together.


Guests can indulge in this magical dessert at Sanaa, located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village. Reservations are highly recommended at Sanaa, click here to get a reservation for your next visit!

Note: Menus change regularly with the seasons and may change without notice, for up-to-date menus, click here.

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