There is a seemingly endless list of options when it comes to dining at Epcot. From the delicious meals and snacks around the World Showcase, to magical meals in Future World, it may be overwhelming to a first-time visitor. One go-to dining location at Epcot for many frequent Walt Disney World visitors is Rose & Crown.


On the menu at Rose & Crown, both at the Pub and the Dining Room, guests will find the signature dish – Fish and Chips. The tender and juicy fish is coated in a flavorful beer batter that adds a beautiful crunch to each bite hiding a thick, tender, and soft piece of fish.


The large piece of beer-battered fish is served alongside an order of chips that are golden brown with a wonderful and crunchy outer layer and a soft center. Each order is served with house-made tartar sauce.


If you are looking for a filling, relaxing meal at Epcot, head on over to Rose & Crown! Guests find the Fish and Chips at the Rose & Crown Dining Room (get a reservation here!), Rose & Crown Pub, and Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

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