There are several iconic snacks, treats, and meals that can be found around the Disney Parks and Resorts. These snacks range from a refreshing Dole Whip, to a Mickey Pretzel, and everything in between. One of those snacks can be found at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.


The Zebra Dome is an indulgent, decadent, and filling treat. Guests looking for a gluten free snack option should keep Zebra Domes in mind. The Gluten Free Zebra Domes can be found in a separate area of the freezer section at Johari Treasures (at Disney’s Animal Kingdom lodge – Kidani Village).


To make the Zebra Dome gluten free, the layer of white cake is replaced with a thick layer of chocolate. The chocolate is topped with the iconic Amarula Liqueur mousse and coated in a white chocolate ganache and a drizzle of dark chocolate ganache.


The Gluten Free Zebra Dome might just be the new hidden gem of Disney snacks. Be sure to take some time to head over to Kidani Village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge to grab a box of these gluten free delicacies! When indulging in the Gluten Free Zebra Domes we do recommend letting them sit for a few minutes. The chocolate base is frozen when sold, allowing them to sit for a few minutes will soften the chocolate.

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