Disney’s Hollywood Studios has gone through some major renovations recently. One of those is the opening of the Pixar Place. Guests can meet their favorite Incredibles heroes, indulge in delicious snacks and so much more.


One of those delicious snacks is the Num Num Cookie. This “snack” is a large and tasty cookie that will change the way you snack at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Num Num Cookie is a gooey chocolate chip cookie tart.


The outside of the Num Num Cookie is crunchy while the center of the cookie is soft, warm and delicious. These cookies are served warm, with the chocolate melting upon your first bite.


Num Num Cookies are technically a “snack” however, these large cookies are enough to eat as a full meal! You might think about sharing one with your friends or family, but after your first bite you will begin to rethink that option.

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