Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is home to enchanting dinning options. From quick snacks like the Zebra Domes, to fine dining offerings, there truly is something for everyone. What sets dining at Animal Kingdom Lodge apart from the rest is the range of flavor guests can experience from each dining location.


On the menu at Sanaa, located at Kidani Village, guests will find the Indian-style Bread Service. This massive “appetizer” is easily enough for a full meal for most guests. With five breads and nine accompaniments, guests are taken on a flavorful journey from the sweet Cucumber Raita to the spicy Red Chile Sambal.


While there is no correct way to dive into eating this family-style starter, we suggest splitting each bread and work your way around the accompaniments board experiencing each flavor combination.


Saving room for the main course might be difficult after beginning to indulge in this starter. What makes this even better? The Indian-style Bread Service is one of the many budget friendly options that you will never forget!

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