When exploring the shops at Disney Springs, you always need some fuel or a refreshing pick-me-up. Those are the moments when you head on over to Chicken Guy to get one of the Flavortown Frozen Treats.


The Triple Double Mint from Chicken Guy tastes just like a Thin Mint cookie, making it the perfect pick during a hot day at Disney Springs! This large milkshake is made from hand-spun mint chocolate soft serve, crushed Oreo© cookies, chocolate mints, chocolate syrup and fresh whipped cream.


Each sip from this milkshake combines all of the chocolate and mint flavors into one harmonious note. While this may be a touch too sweet some, it is great for curing that sweet tooth while shopping around Disney Springs!


Add on a few chicken tenders or an order of loaded fries to go along with your Triple Double Mint milkshake for the perfect meal at Chicken Guy!

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