Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge houses several exquisite dining locations that fit every need. The offerings at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge range from wonderful quick snacks like the iconic Zebra Domes, to a fine dining meal at Jiko.


At Sanaa there are plenty of well-known plates. Today we are talking about one of the not-so-well-known offerings! The Tomato and Paneer Cheese Soup will bring back the nostalgia of childhood into one magical bite you will never forget.


This bowl of tomato soup is packed with paneer cheese, an Indian cheese that remains in tact when heated – it doesn’t melt! The soft cubes are slightly grilled before entering the soup adding even more flavor to the rustic tomato soup.


Each bite into the soup is loaded with bold and fresh tomato flavor. Seasoned just enough to add depth to the dish, but not overdone to keep the star of the soup the tomatoes. If you’re headed to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, head on over to Sanaa to grab a bowl of this wonderful Tomato and Paneer Cheese Soup!

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