Tiffins is one truly signature dining experience at the Walt Disney World Resort. Located in the center of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, this unique dining experience takes guests on a journey. Themed after the explorations that lead to the creation of Animal Kingdom, the menu features African, Asian and Latin cuisine.


On the menu at Tiffins guests will find Kamo Ramen. This might become your favorite meal at Animal Kingdom with the wonderful combination of flavors coming from each bite.


The soft ramen noodles are paired with duck confit, soft-poached egg, chili-lime cashews, alba mushrooms and a spiced coconut broth. Individually, each element to this dish is out-of-this-world. But when you combine everything into one bite, you are left with a unique blend of sweetness and spice that will bring you back for more.


If you’re looking for a unique meal at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, head on over to Tiffins for a magical bowl of Kamo Ramen!

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