If you haven’t been to Disney Springs since the opening of Pizza Ponte, Maria & Enzo’s and Enzo’s Hideaway – you might want to set time aside during your next visit! The trio of locations combines a unique range of offerings from the quick counter-service pizza shop at Pizza Ponte, to a full table-service location at Maria & Enzo’s – there’s something for everyone!


Enzo’s Hideaway is one wonderful bar or lounge for guests to enjoy a drink with family or friends. Themed wonderfully, the location has a classy yet relaxed environment.


Guests can enjoy a wide range of signature cocktails along with beer and wine with one or two of the small plates.


Enzo’s Hideaway features the bar/lounge along with a full lunch and dinner. Enzo’s Hideaway also features a walkway directly to the restaurant – continuing the wonderful theme!

Reservations are recommended to secure a table during your visit. To make a reservation for Enzo’s Hideaway, click here!


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