STK Orlando is one exciting dining location at Disney Springs that will leave you feeling like an A-lister. The restaurant features live music, numerous dining rooms, rooftop views of Disney Springs and a menu like no other. With iconic plates like the Lil’ BRGs and Frosé to seasonal sides and delicious steak, guests will not leave STK Orlando hungry!


On the dessert menu guests will find the Orange Dream Cheesecake. This fluffy and airy cheesecake is unlike any other cheesecake you will find. The soft and smooth filling has a beautiful blend of orange and vanilla flavors that play together perfectly.


What takes this dessert to the next level is the top layer. STK Orlando makes this cheesecake with a crème brûlée approach by caramelizing the top for a contrasting crunch with each bite.


The Orange Dream Cheesecake is garnished with fresh whipped cream and bruleed orange slices for a light and fresh element to top it all off. Each bite from this dessert will have you planning your next trip back to STK Orlando to get your hands on this, and many other treats!

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